Transformation Academy - 4 Week beginner Fitness Program Starting April 12th


Registration link -> CLICK HERE

You want to start an exercise program but you are not sure of what to do.

You don’t want to figure out what exercise you should do and going to the gym by yourself leads to missed workouts and a lack of focus.

Are you looking for a gym environment that will keep you safe during these extraordinary times?

We have the exact thing that you have been looking for.

A 4-week beginner program that slowly introduces you to effective exercise, higher accountability, and instruction from knowledgeable fitness professionals.

This is not for casual gym-goers or someone that has workout experience. This is for you that haven’t been in a gym for a long time or ever.

The workouts will help you burn fat, become more flexible, strengthen your whole body, and help relieve stress.

This is a 4-week group exercise program that is $179. The goal is to attend at least 2-3 sessions per week.

COVID note:

We have space and equipment to ensure that everyone will be socially distant and that all equipment will be sanitized after each use.

Workout dates:

Starts on Monday April 12th

Ends on Sunday May 9th

Workout times:


Lyndy 5pm


Burkart 5pm


Ashley 4pm


Courtney 6:30am


Oscar 8:30am

Workout location

  • 3683 New Town Blvd, Saint Charles, MO.

  • Showers are available

  • Childcare is available on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday

The program is $179 for all 4 weeks and includes

  • 20x 45min Transformation Academy classes to choose from

  • 4x30min Swift classes to use for make-up sessions

The Transformation Academy is only open to non-members of TNT.

Follow this link to secure your spot (only 12 spots available) -> CLICK HERE

This is a great fit for you if you

  • Have never exercised before or want to get back to exercising

  • Want individual coaching attention and motivation from a small group of like-minded individuals

  • Are looking to step up your workouts for weight loss and better fitness


What happens if I can't make a class?

  • You will see results from 2x classes per week. We offer 5 different classes each week so that you can work around your busy schedule. We’d recommend doing a minimum of 2-3 each week. The more classes you do the better the results will be. However, don’t feel obligated to do every workout this program is meant to ease you into more exercise. All transformation academy participants are allowed to take 1x Swift class per week (30min class without barbells) to make sure that they have more than enough options.

Will you have another Transformation Academy soon?

  • No. Get signed up #TodayNotTomorrow

I’m really out of shape. Can I do this?

  • This program is designed for people who are out of shape. We have done over a dozen of these academies and we pride ourselves on being able to customize the workout to your needs.

What does a class look like?

  • The class will be 45min long. The first 10-15min will be a slow and gradual warm-up. For the next 10-15min we will focus on 2-3 movements for the day this can be a lift with dumbbells, bodyweight, or conditioning such as the rower. From min 30-40 we will be doing a circuit of moderate intensity. The final 5min will be a cool down and stretch.

Is this a CrossFit class?

  • This is not a CrossFit class. We will be working on the fundamentals of bodyweight movements, some lighter dumbbell & medicine ball work, as well as conditioning work with bikes and rowers. There is no barbell lifting, no higher impact exercises, and no high-skill gymnastics movement

I’m still skeptical about this whole thing

  • Please stop by the gym, take a look at the space, and talk to us. We’ll answer any question you have. If you think this will be too easy or hard we’ll be able to direct you to another class offering.

What kind of results can I expect?

  • The more classes you take and the better your results will be. We’ve done many successful Transformation Academies and on average people will get fitter, stronger, lose weight as well as inches. 4 weeks is a fairly short time but you’ll surprise yourself on how much progress can be made.

The workouts are designed by coach Oscar. He’s got a bachelor's degree in exercise science, master's degree in human performance, L3 certified CrossFit coach, and a certified pain-free performance specialist. All of our knowledgeable coaches will be taking part of this transformation academy.

For questions please email or call 636 - 328 3701