What's In Store For August?


We’ve been hammering the squats pretty heavily lately and now it’s time switch things up. This month we’ll be spending a little extra time on unilateral work. This is just fancy talk for working 1 side of the body at a time. We’ll be lunging our way to stronger glutes, more stable hips, a stronger core, flexible hip flexors, and improved symmetry. You know that one side that’s always a little tougher on pistols? We are going to attack it and make you bulletproof. Bilateral exercises are great (squats) but let’s not forget what running, walking, and sports challenge more frequently which is unilateral movements. Get ready for sandbags, dumbbells, and barbells to go overhead, on your shoulders, back, and start lunging.

We use Beyond the whiteboard statistics to analyze and guide our program to make sure we are well rounded. One thing that’s been missing slightly has been longer workouts. Get ready to go past 20min and enjoy the hard work. We’ll be using “Hero” workouts to make sure we don’t miss the longer durations WODs and to honor those who have fallen.

The message from CrossFit HQ has been pretty clear the last couple of months. Dumbbells are awesome for you and you should use them more often. They require more stability, coordination, and allows for more flexible positioning to find a better movement for your individual structure. We’ll keep embracing Coach Glassman’s advice and we are going to do do a classic benchmark each week but replace the barbell with a dumbbell. Ready for “Nancy” with a dumbbell instead of a barbell? Better start stretching right now.

In preparation for a CrossFit L3 exam, I’ve been sifting through the archives of the CF Journal. There are lot’s of gems in there and many standards that coach Glassman outlines. Two standards that stood out to me was the core strength guideline. Coach says that for an L-sit 2min unbroken is a good goal and that 4min of hollow body rocks should be doable. I don’t think many athletes can achieve this and we’ll use our primary focus to improve our core strength and strict gymnastics movements. We’ll be slowing down the tempo, focusing on 100% control, and getting very familiar with the rings.

This month’s benchmark workouts is the CrossFit Total. The total is your back squat, strict press, and deadlift combined. This is all about testing your strength and power. Keep notes of previous PRs and make sure you measure your progress. The key to a successful total is knowing when to push and when to stop. You need to perform well in all 3 to have a good total. Don’t fall into the trap of using all your energy on the squat and end up smoked once it’s deadlift time. Have a game plan, visualize yourself making the lifts, and high five your friends when you PR.

For the month of August, I’m going to encourage you to re-evaluate how you use your equipment. I’m all for using gear that gives you a little boost in the gym, however, you don’t want to rely on these items all the time. Knee sleeves, wrist wraps, lifting belts, oly shoes, chalk, pre workout supplements, grips, and etc are useful for giving you a small boost when needed. These are not essential to training and should be used sparingly. If you have to have your knee sleeves before knocking out a few air squats then maybe you need to spend more time couch stretching. If you double scoop the C4 supplement before WODing then maybe get to bed at a reasonable time instead. Do you throw the belt on for 50% deadlifts? Slow down a little, challenge your core, and save it for 85+%. Less is more, time spent messing with your equipment means less time for actual training. If you can’t remember the last time you did overhead squats without oly shoes, belt, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, and etc, now is the time to strip some weight off the bar and focus on mechanics.

Coach Oscar