What's In Store For February?


This month will be filled will all kinds of “fun” stuff. We are rapidly approaching the open and we will make sure that the open movements will be practiced and dialed in. We have during the last couple of months been going through previous open workouts. We will continue to prep for the open by going through some workouts that we might see in the open.

For those of you who are newer to CrossFit, the Open is a worldwide competition that is the competitive highlight of the entire year. 1 open workout will be released each week for 5 weeks (starting on Feb 23rd). We will do the workouts on Friday night and Sunday Afternoons. There is always the option of scaling the workout and still be a part of the fun competition. Our intramural teams are still forming so if you want to join the fun check out the whiteboard at the gym.

The monthly benchmark for February is “Karen” (150 wall balls for time). Now is the time to see if you have improved over the year. Most athletes have a love/hate relationship to the workout and I’m excited about the PRs that will be broken. This workout is a great test of squat efficiency, leg & shoulder endurance, and mental strength. Guiding your self-talk is crucial for a successful time. Focus on squatting technique and mentally breaking up the big pie into smaller slices in order to not get overwhelmed.

For the next month, we will follow a 6-day rotation to ensure that all members get enough variance while hitting the important pieces often enough. The 6-day rotation will have a specific focus each day which will be

Strength & Power
Mix = Strength & cardio
Active recovery
Strength & Power

The purpose of separating the conditioning pieces from the strength work is to create a more clear response of what to get better at for that specific day. CrossFit is a concurrent training method which means that we are working on and improving our endurance as well as strength simultaneously. This is still something that we will continuously do, however, some days for February will have a more significant focus on getting stronger and some days will focus on endurance. In a recent study from Finland, the researchers measured the differences between lifting + cardio (same day), cardio + lifting (same day), as well as cardio + lifting but on separate days. All groups saw significant improvements in fitness, however, the group that separated conditioning and lifting saw more improvements in VO2max (endurance capacity) and a greater reduction in overall fat mass and abdominal region fat mass! Interested in losing more fat around your waist? Let’s give it a try :)


The lifting days are just as important (if not more) than the cardio days even if your goals is to lose weight and change your physique. The caloric burn and metabolic benefits from lifting are very beneficial for weight loss and improving body composition. The conditioning focused days are also crucial for cardiovascular health, endurance capacity, and making you a fitter individual.

The strength we will be doing is going to be A LOT of 5x10. Now, why go with 5x10? A recent study examined the infamous protocol known as German Volume Training. This is a brutal training program that advanced trainees will get floored by. GVT is 10x10 (yes 100 reps!) at around 60% of 1RM with a limited amount of rest (60-90sec). This program is used for developing strength and it looks appealing because more is always better right? Well, that’s not always the case.

The group that performed a modified version 5x10 instead of 10x10 got very similar results from their training. Sometimes less is more and the 10x10 appear to be overkill for a lot of people. This rep scheme will also help with our strength endurance which is a great attribute to have in CrossFit and the Open. Modified German Volume Training doesn’t really roll off the tongue so we will know call it Swedish Volume Training ;) We will be squatting heavy 2x a week and deadlift heavy 1x a week. The SVT will also be used for bench press and other strength movements as well. Strength work will not only include a barbell as it can be done with dumbbells as well as plenty of gymnastics strength training.


Our Olympic lifts will consist of more touch and go work. Cycling the barbell is something that will be tested several times through the Open and we will make sure that we are prepared for it. It requires a lot of skill and being better at it will make life much easier in workouts with snatches and C&Js.

In the 6 day rotation, there will also be an active recovery day. This is an experiment for February and we appreciate any feedback you have. What’s the purpose of an active recovery day?
The goals are to create a day that facilitates better recovery, mobility, stability, and overall longevity. Our overall goal at TNT is to always play the long game, we sell crockpots and not microwaves. We want to create a plan that allows you to thrive for a very long time. Do you see yourself doing CrossFit for an additional week, month, 10 years, 20 years? In order to continuously push your boundaries there needs to be periods of more intense work cycled with less intense work. For example, let’s break down Wednesday’s active recovery day to see the benefit.

30min AMRAP of - Improve aerobic base, facilitate circulation for better recovery
1000m Row - Low impact cyclic work = no soreness and better endurance
1mile Bike - Same effect as row
150ft Bear crawl - Overall stability, coordination, and added movement variety to avoid overuse
10 Turkish get-ups - Stability, mobility, and whole body symmetry
:30sec side plank right side - Stability, mobility, and core strength
:30sec side plank left side - Stability, mobility, and core strength

As you can see there is a ton of beneficial stuff in here. These days will be challenging in a different way and still filled with a lot of hard work. Adding a few days like these will set you up to crush high throttle WODs in the future by giving you better endurance, mobility, and overall stability.

The Good Dudes camp was a great time and we will be running through some of the fun stuff that Bridges, Bailey, and Froning shared with us. These killer partner workouts will be a treat for all of you. After watching these guys over the weekend you can see why they are as successful as they are. They move well with purpose and intent. I can’t think of a single sloppy rep performed in order to shave time of their workout. The other thing that stands out is their enjoyment of working hard. They certainly don’t shy away from rolling up their sleeves and consistency over 8+ years have given them their phenomenal results.