What's in Store for June?


We’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned for June. We are starting with a bang! 5K run for time. This is a great test of endurance and I look forward to seeing PRs being crushed from last year. If you miss this workout on Monday you will complete the 5K on the next WOD you come in for. As always we have plenty of scaling options so don’t be too nervous if running isn’t your favorite.

We have seen some great strength, technique, and flexibility gains from the 12 week squatting cycle. We will continue to squat twice a week rotating through back squats and front squats. This will ensure that we keep maintaining and gain leg strength while still dialing back the squatting focus slightly. If you missed the max out last week you’ll have a second opportunity in 2 weeks. Stronger legs will set you up for future PRs in the Olympic lifts and many other movements.

Squats are awesome but we can’t neglect our other favorites bench press and deadlift. We will hit these lifts once a week consistently with added accessory work on a second day. We will be incorporating some isolation movements to help strengthen the hamstrings, glutes, chest, triceps, delts, erectors, and etc to help crush the bench and deadlift. This will also help create a base for the total which will be coming around in 2 months.

Everybody wants to be better at pull-ups. Why? Because they look cool and we can’t get enough of them. This month will be great if you are trying to get your first one or be able to string bigger unbroken sets together. We will be hammering the base level of strength by focusing on strict pull-ups. We will test out the pull-ups at the beginning of the month and re-test at the end. Make sure you hit these days and you’ll be crushing workouts like Fran, Jackie, Murph, and etc in no time. If you have pull-ups but want to get muscle-ups this will help you pull even higher and get that elusive muscle-up.

Aerobic capacity and endurance is a major part of health and fitness. We are going to use some specific aerobic capacity work adapted from Chris Hinshaw. He is the coach of Fraser, Davidsdottir, Froning, Leblanc-Bazinet, Khalipa, Sigmundsdottir, and many more. We will improve endurance by hitting it from three different angles. We will improve the overall endurance base by going longer and using many different modalities. A workout example for this could be

30min AMRAP of
800m run, 1000m row, 1mile Bike
*rest 1min after finishing each station

We will also improve aerobic capacity by increasing our overall speed. This will be done though shorter distance work, higher intensity, and longer rest periods. Expect to see short runs, rows, rides at a very high pace.

The third area of focus to help improve aerobic capacity will be lactate clearance. Once you are working at higher intensities lactate (which is a fuel) starts to accumulate faster than you can recycle it. You’ve passed this threshold once you are hyperventilating and or experience severe muscle burn. This makes you slow down and the more effectively you can clear lactate (produce energy using oxygen) the more work you can do at a higher intensity. This improves with a regular Crossfit WOD or EMOM work as well, however, we are going to target specific muscles. We will be doing this by executing a very high-intensity exercise for 10-30sec in order to go above your threshold (and accumulate as much lactic acid as possible), then follow it up with a slower intensity exercise to direct blood flow to the muscle that is being utilized. This forces the working muscle to learn to buffer the by-products more efficiently. A workout example to help improve lactate clearance in your quads and glutes could look something like this:

20 Plate hops (explosive fast movement above threshold)
:20 AB Sprint (max effort which accumulates significant lactic acid)
20 Recovery Air squats (these air squats will feel absolutely awful which is the whole purpose. The squats does not have to be fast and by staying moving it forces your lower body to more effectively deal with the lactic acid)
rest 2min (ample recovery to ensure fast pace on plate hops and bike sprint)
3 Rounds

Improving aerobic capacity by working on endurance, speed, and lactate clearance will carry over to all other workouts we do on a regular basis.

We will also be having a day focus on accessory work for pre-habilitative work and overall symmetry. It doesn't hurt doing some dumbbell work to stay ready for the pool season as well. Lowering the intensity slightly and going for quality over speed will also allow for a little mental break during all the other workouts we’ll be doing.

We will be rotating through a 6-day rotation focusing on:
Day 1 - Back squats & upper body lactate clearance
Day 2 - Snatching and endurance work
Day 3 - Deadlift, bench press, and pull-up work
Day 4 - Front squats and lower body lactate clearance
Day 5 - Clean and Jerk & speed work
Day 6 - Accessory work for prehab and pull-up work

This will be a great month and I’m excited about the gains we will see. Putting the work in at the gym is important, however, don’t forget that sleep & nutrition is king.

Coach Oscar