What's In Store For October?


This month's primary focus is no primary focus. We are taking out the PF along with the skill. What are we going to do instead? We will spend extra time on warming up, perfecting the movements included in the WOD, and cool you down after class.

What we want to accomplish with this is:
- Slower and more gradual warm-up to make sure you are extra ready to go hard
- Mobilize specific areas for improved performance and faster recovery
- Spend extra time practicing and perfecting the movements that will be in the WOD
- Higher intensity in the workout for better results
- Build a larger aerobic base utilizing the longer warm-ups & cooldowns
- Improve performance by dialing in the mobility needed for proper form
- Bring you down in a slower manner helping you leave the gym feeling refreshed and the recovery process already started

We will emphasize strength on every 5th day of our program. No skill and PF will definitely not mean less work. We will still sneak plenty of quality practice in throughout the entire session. There will be a general warm-up designed to get you warm, breathing a little harder, and mentally ready to do some hard work. The specific warm-up will include mobility work to prep common problem areas, help activate muscles you want to be firing on all cylinders, and practice the specific movement for the day. The cooldown will help improve flexibility, recovery, and make you feel more energized leaving the gym.

We are starting off the month with the Olympic total. This is our monthly benchmark meaning that if you miss Monday or any other day this is what you will do when you come into the gym. The total consists of your 1 rep max snatch and 1 rep max clean & jerk. Make sure you keep track of these numbers and update the monthly benchmark board. This is a great test of power, strength, flexibility, and coordination.

For those that are competing in the Festivus games make sure you get to class on Monday 10/9 and Thursday 10/12. We will be practicing 2 of the workouts. Have a friend who wants to give us a try? Bring them in on Thursday 10/12 to any of our classes for a fun partner workout.

This will be a great month!