• A.S Clinical Lab Scientist

  • B.S. Exercise Science from Lindenwood University

  • Certified Exercise Physiologist

  • CF L2 Coach

  • CF L1 Coach

  • CF Mobility

  • CPR/AED/FirstAid Certified

  • CF Scaling course

  • CF Adaptive Training


I began my CrossFit journey at the end of 2012 and started at my friends newly opened gym in 2013. I completely fell in love with the concept. BUT Before 2013, let me take you into my complete fitness failures. I was a soccer player that could eat candy and pasta then gain abs. I was always 99 pounds and extremely lean before I graduated highschool. I can’t think of a time that I ever had a coach push nutrition or even extra fitness besides practice. Then apparently turning 19, my metabolism decided to die. I struggled with weight simply due to my eating habits. I exercised but definitely didn't eat right. I defeated the purpose. By the time I turned 24, I was fed up. I decided a bodybuilding bikini show was a way to help me. I figured it would keep me motivated and help me eat the right way. In my mind, that was the definition of healthy. I spent two years eating nothing, starving myself, and only working on isolated lifting. Luckily, just in time, my friend had invited me to CrossFit and I never looked back. I lived, breathed and slept CrossFit. I learned nutrition. It completely fascinated me. I did the zone, paleo and clean eating. I figured out what worked, what was good, what was terrible, and found my groove. My short version is that I've been on the whole spectrum of too tiny all the way to overweight. With my failures, I've developed experience. I started having people asking me to help them, so I knew I wanted to start coaching. Just a few months in doing CrossFit I decided I needed to get my CF-L1 and pursue coaching. At that time, I was also working in the hospital as a Clinical lab Scientist. My job at the hospital felt stagnant and I contemplated a new career. I have always worked with disabilities and was able to do a big fundraising CrossFit event to help with Autism. I knew from that point I needed to go back to school to pursue more education.

I decided to make the jump in 2016, and pursue my goals working with disabilities. I quit the hospital, moved to Missouri, and became a full time college student….again at 32 years old. It was scary, but I knew my passion was fitness, and helping others. I started the exercise science program at Lindenwood University. In 2017, right before I graduated, I was able to do an internship with DASA, and it solidified my love for helping adaptive athletes. I also was living with a pretty bad injury and had quit coaching CrossFit while I was in school. I decided to take the adaptive CrossFit certification in Davis, California right after I had graduated Lindenwood. There, I met Games athlete Kirsti Pedri. She pretty much scorned me for quitting coaching and gave me that pep talk of staying positive even with injuries. Once I came back, I immediately saw the ad from TNT for a coach. I remembered Kirsti scorning me and I decided to apply. I was hired. My time in a year and half at TNT, working with Oscar and Rochelle, has been an amazing experience so far. I have learned a lot and becoming even a better version of myself!

Favorite CF Movement:

Deadlifts, back squats, and handstand push ups

Least Favorite Movement:

Rowing and wall balls

Started CF:


Favorite thing about being a fitness professional:

Watching people come back to life after finding their fires. It’s exciting to see people be happy and grow right in front of you.

Favorite health food:

Sweet Potatoes and turkey burgers

Favorite cheat meal:

Pizza, chocolate, and Baskin Robbins

Favorite Hobby outside of fitness:

Reading and Cooking

Personal fitness achievements that I’m proud of:

I’ve done 2 half marathons. 1 marathon relay. I was also a running back for the woman’s semi pro football team.