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This service is available to member and non-members.

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1. Nutrition Consultation:

You will sit down with a coach where you go over what the biggest problems are, how to fix them, and develop a clear game plan.  You will start by filling out a detailed diet and lifestyle questionnaire.  The coach will then breakdown what needs improvement and why.  You will get shopping list ideas, a nutrition guide specifically for your goals, and any other items your coach believes is necessary for your success.  This is a one time in-person consultation for $120.  

2. Habit-Based Nutrition Coaching

If you are looking for more accountability throughout your health journey,  habit-based nutrition coaching is a great option.  With this package, you get a one time in-person consultation (details in previous section above), weekly action items developed by your coach, and a weekly check-in via email/app.  The initial package is a two-month commitment for $280.  Why two months?  Health and fitness goals are not achieved over night; it takes time to develop the appropriate, sustainable habits for success!  We offer a nutrition extension option for $50/month after you complete your initial two months where you will continue with the weekly action items and check-ins. 

*Note: If you would like in-person weekly meeting (rather than app/email), please consult your coach as an additional fee will apply. 

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