I’m originally from Taldy-Korgan, Kazakhstan but moved to the states when I was 2.5 years old.

I started my personal fitness journey when I was 8 years old by working out in my parent's

basement or in their barn and found CrossFit in 2011. I’ve done a bit of everything from

bodybuilding and strongman, to CrossFit. I’ve also dabbled in some sports such as wrestling and track & field.

I started competing as a weightlifter in 2021 and had been doing CrossFit for 7-8 years before

then. It’s been a really great and unexpected journey that I had no exact vision of. I kind of just

started doing it to see what would happen and it’s been very rewarding.

While I’m just now starting my coaching career, I’ve spent many years with a variety of coaches,

ranging from small gym owners and pro-athlete trainers. During that time, I have actively

absorbed the different ways that they present information and interact with their individual clients and group classes.

To me, becoming a professional coach means you actively improve your coaching ability by

seeking feedback, continuing your education, and being open-minded to others. It means that

you look to grow relationships with new people and continually critique and develop others'

movements and abilities when it’s appropriate.

There’s something fun, challenging, and rewarding when you’re actively helping someone

improve their life or fitness in a way that makes you a leader. I almost view it like I’m

constructing a new human or I’m upgrading someone to a new level in their life that they didn’t

know existed. It’s hard to explain because it’s a feeling rather than something that’s tangible.

Favorite CF Movement:

Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and Squats

Least favorite Movement:

Wall Balls

Started CF: 2011
Favorite thing about what I do:

My favorite thing about being a fitness professional: Being able to see people unlock their true

physical potential when they connect their mind and body. Knowing that I’ve been able to help

(even if it’s only in a small way) that person brings a sense of joy and inspiration.

Favorite Hobbies Outside of Fitness:

Gaming, talking with friends, and watching new Marvel movies

Personal Fitness Achievement I'm Most Proud Of:

Taking Silver at the USAW Junior National Championships within the first 2 months of me competing.

Taking Bronze at the USAW Arnold Classic within my first year as a competitive weightlifter

which then placed me 3rd in the nation.


CF-Level 1 Trainer