We are an official weightlifting club registered through USAW.

The goal of our club is to give our member the opportunity to better themselves in olympic weightlifting. The sessions are included with every CrossFit Membership and everyone who wants to improve their lifting performance. The olympic lifts are an excellent tool to help improve your speed, strength, flexibility, and power. The sessions and program are designed to help improve the Snatch and Clean&Jerk.

The club coach is Oscar Isacsson who has several weightlifting certifications through USAW, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, and Attitude Nation.

Practice times:

Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm (coached)

Fridays 4:30pm-5:30pm (no coach)

Saturdays 10:15-11:15am (coached)

If you aspire to compete in weightlifting competitions, become a better crossfitter, or just get stronger this is a great place for you. Program is provided for all lifters. For more information or questions please email oscar@crossfit-tnt.com